Fact-checking Prince William County, VA’s 2019 “mobility” (roads) and “parks” (mostly 3 indoor sportsplexes) bond proposals that could hike each family's taxes hundreds for principal, interest and upkeep

Middle-Class, 2 active Kid PWC rez: Stop $200M Bond Prop Parks Admits has “No Docs” on Main Jobs' Choice, Demand, or cost!

gallery/parks bond speech to pwc bocs, june 18, 2019

The State of Virginia, which our County government is a part of, has a "Freedom of Information Act" (abbreviated "FOIA", which is pronounced "foy-yah") like the federal government and many other U.S. jurisdictions do.  This law generally requires them to make their documents publicly available on request.  It has several specific exceptions, which you can ask them to be specific about claiming applicability of.  They are allowed to charge for research costs, but I understand they generally don't (they didn't charge me).


I based my request on the "National Freedom of Information Coalition's" form and tweaked it to emphasize e-mailing the response and advance notice of any fees.  My requests are replied to inline, so you could clean them up and start your own with them.  (Just sharing what I did, not recommending a "best" way to FOIA.)


Please do try to think through what kinds of things would be helpful, try discussing with the employees assigned to handle your request, and make them aware of what you already have - but may want acknowledgement is real - in order to conserve public resources and hard-working employees' availability.

Public REcords (FOIA) Responses

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