Fact-checking Prince William County, VA’s 2019 “mobility” (roads) and “parks” (mostly 3 indoor sportsplexes) bond proposals that could hike each family's taxes hundreds for principal, interest and upkeep

Middle-Class, 2 active Kid PWC rez: Stop $200M Bond Prop Parks Admits has “No Docs” on Main Jobs' Choice, Demand, or cost!

gallery/parks bond speech to pwc bocs, june 18, 2019

Contact your supervisor's office!

Usually they and their staff are friendly and happy to help.  Still, sometimes we need to tell them our government's off track.  Be respectful, but direct. 

Call your own Supervisor's office and the At-Large Chairman's (he has one vote, like all the others).

If you're not sure what to say, try something like this.


Hi, my name is ... and I live in ... .


I'm concerned about seeing on that the Parks Department says they don't have any studies on the big projects for their two hundred million dollar bond.  So they might not be practical, what the county wants, or in good locations.  And the secrecy makes me worry about what some insider might be up to.


So I'm asking that you OPPOSE the current parks bond referendum.


Have Parks reconsider all those big indoor rec projects with an open mind, and explain their work to the public.


(If you like, say if you think your taxes are too high, and/or hard to afford, or what else the County should spend on.  Local parks, which the County's 2019 Needs Assessment study said were much more popular?  Outdoor full-size ballfield complexes, which their proposal acknowledges cost several times less than indoors? New schools - fancy new Colgan High came in under $100 million!  Even some kind of better planned big "destination" recreation facility?...)


Strength in numbers - don't wait worrying about word choice; make that quick call, then recruit your friends!


Shy?  On public transit?  Email them :)