Fact-checking Prince William County, VA’s 2019 “mobility” (roads) and “parks” (mostly 3 indoor sportsplexes) bond proposals that could hike each family's taxes hundreds for principal, interest and upkeep

Middle-Class, 2 active Kid PWC rez: Stop $200M Bond Prop Parks Admits has “No Docs” on Main Jobs' Choice, Demand, or cost!

gallery/parks bond speech to pwc bocs, june 18, 2019

a separate $400M roads bond prop's up too.

Seems to me Transportation had reasonably thought through the Rt. 28 proposal I asked about.  But we should read, ask and speak because these projects would affect our neighborhoods, commutes and regional development – better or worse – for decades.

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   The Big 3 "Parks" Projects:

SUCCESS!!  On June 25, our Board of Supervisors approved for November's ballot:

  • $350 million road bond referendum centered on up to $200M capacity for Route 28 (not $100M and look for $200M elsewhere), eliminating over $150M in lower priority and less justified projects like the Van Buren Road extension
  • $45 million outdoor centered Parks bond referendum (adding ~$5M for a crew boat house to help use water that is free)

NO taxpayer money now for the $80M indoor sportsplex or $20M field house (nor the Woodbridge pool which might have been OK) although Parks was directed to explore more-privately-funded options.  Afterward I asked Chairman Stewart to please keep an open mind to even better and more affordable ways to serve County wants and needs a bottom-up study process might reveal.

Sincere thanks to all citizens, supervisors, and staff who participated in this ultimately informed and principled debate.
I agree with the concern raised that kids should have classrooms, rarely trailers.  That should be addressed prudently too.


If you like, watch me at June 18 citizens' time - I'm at 1hr 27m - and watch that referendum debate). 6/25 up later - I was speaker 1.



Early in 2019, our county commissioned a big Needs Assessment survey of our unmet parks-and-rec desires.  Walking & Biking Trails were most widely and intensely wanted, followed by wildlife habitats, neighborhood parks, and only then indoor fitness & exercise facilities (followed closely by more kinds of parks, and some indoor facilities). 

But on June 25, our
Board of Supervisors might finalize (see agenda) $150 million (as much as two new high schools) for three massive facilities as the lion's share of a $200M "parks bond" for November.  Without studies or estimates of demand, costs, comparison to alternatives and locations - nor publicity of potentially pricey "public-private partnerships" afoot.

Call and demand more careful, effective spending - and even address the relevant meeting at your 3-minute Citizen's Time.